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Lucian Sulica, MD is Keynote Speaker on Care of the Performer's Voice at Northwest Voice Conference

Institute Director Lucian Sulica, MD gave this year's medical keynote address at the Northwest Voice conference entitled "Decatastrophizing Vocal Injury: Care of the Performer Without Drama." The address reviewed progress in the Sean Parker Institute's research program focused on the treatment of vocal fold injury from voice use, data from which informs patient care decisions daily, and documents widespread success in returning performers to the stage. Dr.

The Sean Parker Institute Matches Laryngology Fellows for 2020

The Sean Parker Institute for the Voice has matched its 2020 class of Fellows, to begin training in laryngology in July of that year. The  Sean Parker Fellow will be Hayley Born, MD. Dr. Born completed her undergraduate work at Yale University, received her medical degree from Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, and currently in otolaryngology residency at the University of Cincinnati.

Sean Parker Institute Investigators Present Research Across a Wide Range of Laryngeal Disorders at the American Laryngological Association's Annual Meeting

The 140th Annual Meeting of the American Laryngological Society in Austin, TX last week saw five presentations from Sean Parker Institute investigators. Staff Laryngologist Anais Rameau, MD MPhil described her innovative approach combining surface electromyography and machine learning to restore voice to patients who have had laryngectomies.

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