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Sean Parker Institute Investigators Present Research Across a Wide Range of Laryngeal Disorders at the American Laryngological Association's Annual Meeting

The 140th Annual Meeting of the American Laryngological Society in Austin, TX last week saw five presentations from Sean Parker Institute investigators. Staff Laryngologist Anais Rameau, MD MPhil described her innovative approach combining surface electromyography and machine learning to restore voice to patients who have had laryngectomies. Former Larngology Fellow Diana Kirke, MD MPhil reported on the natural history of vocal fold cysts if left unoperated, never previously characterized, and a key consideration in the decision for surgical managment. Laryngologist Ted Mau, MD PhD of the University of Texas-Southwestern used mathematical modeling to analyze combined data from the Parker Institute and from his own center to analyze mechanisms of nerve recovery in vocal fold paralysis. Weill Cornell medical student Mark Lee summarized data concerning lesion recurrence after microlaryngoscopy, finding distinct patterns of recurrence in different lesion types. Sean Parker Institute Research Coordinator Katerina Andreadis presented the results of excision of sulcus vocalis without reconstruciton, showing comparable results to reconstruction, and calling into question the added value of such techniques. 

The American Laryngological Association is the national scholarly organization of physicians and scientists who care for patients with disorders of the larynx and upper aerodigestive tract. The ALA Annual Meeting is the premier venue for innovations and developments in laryngology.




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