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Lucian Sulica, MD is Keynote Speaker on Care of the Performer's Voice at Northwest Voice Conference

Institute Director Lucian Sulica, MD gave this year's medical keynote address at the Northwest Voice conference entitled "Decatastrophizing Vocal Injury: Care of the Performer Without Drama." The address reviewed progress in the Sean Parker Institute's research program focused on the treatment of vocal fold injury from voice use, data from which informs patient care decisions daily, and documents widespread success in returning performers to the stage. Dr. Sulica spoke alongside noted speech-language pathologist Sarah Schneider, MS CCC-SLP from the University of California - San Francisco and renowned vocal pedagogue Kenneth Bozeman from Lawrence University.

Northwest Voice,  a collaboration between the University of Washington's Voice Department in the School of Music, the Division of Laryngology in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, and the Voice Section of the Speech & Hearing Sciences Department, provides the latest research and information from the areas of medicine, voice science, vocal pedagogy and performance, and the assessment and treatment of voice disorders, to professionals and students in medicine, speech pathology, theater, and vocal pedagogy and performance.


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