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Parker Institute Researchers Present Work on Essential Voice Tremor and Vocal Fold Paralysis, and Discuss Paresis and Innovation in Laryngology at the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings, April 26-28, 2017

Researchers from the Sean Parker Institute for the Voice presented work on several topics at the recent Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings, the main academic meeting of the year for Otolaryngology subspecialties. At the meeting of the American Laryngological Association, voice specialist Christine Estes, MM, MA-CCC/SLP presented the results of a treatment trial for essential voice tremor in which injection augmentation was compared to botulinum toxin, the existing standard of care. Injection augmentation did not provide superior symptom relief in most patients, although a minority experienced improved symptom relief. Further research is planned to determine how to better identify those individuals who might benefit. Medical student Solomon Husain presented a study of the time course of recovery in vocal fold paralysis, which revealed clinically-applicable information about recovery rates across the first year of disease that allows better counseling and treatment of patients. Institute Director Lucian Sulica, MD joined physicians from across the country and abroad in an expert panel on the challenges in the diagnosis of vocal fold paresis, an area of active study at the Institute. Dr. Sulica also participated in an expert panel at the American Broncho-Esophagological Association meeting to review recent progress in laryngology. Dr. Sulica, who is the author of the textbook Vocal Fold Paralysis, specifically addressed advances the understanding and treatment of that disorder. 

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