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2021 American Laryngological Voice and Research Education Grant Awarded to Artificial Intelligence Project at the Sean Parker Institute

Sean Parker Institute laryngologist Dr. Rameau and her research collaborators, including Professor Elemento, director of the Institute for Precision Medicine, were the recipients of the 2021 American Laryngological Voice and Research Education Grant for their project “ A Deep Learning Pipeline for the Automated Classification of Laryngeal Disease in Laryngoscopy Videos.” Deep learning is a discipline of artificial intelligence that has demonstrated significant promise in automated diagnosis based on medical images, such as radiology studies. The team plans to apply deep learning methods to office video-laryngoscopy, by first automating the image dataset creation - a tedious process when manually extracted by humans. Thanks to the ALVRE grant, the team will be able to make iterative improvements to their deep learning model and expand their computer vision technology to a multitude of laryngeal pathologies. The ultimate goal is to improve accessibility of laryngology diagnostic care in the US and globally.


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