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Vocal Fold Pseudocyst: a Prospective Study of Surgical Outcomes

Thursday, March 3, 2016 - 12:45pm
Estes C, Sulica L.
Journal Info: 
Laryngoscope 125(4):913-8, April 2015.

A pseudocyst is a benign lesion which may be associated with deficits in vocal fold closure. Because underlying deficits are not addressed at the surgery to remove the pseudocyst, patients may be at risk of recurrence. Eighteen cases of pseudocysts were followed for a year after surgery. Examinations were reviewed by the surgical team and submitted to blinded outside reviewers to assess recurrence, and functional outcome was assessed according to patient report. The recurrence rate was indeed much higher than most other benign lesions – 33% according to outside reviewers. Only 12% of patients had limitations requiring further treatment, however, so not every recurrence is clinically significant.

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