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Sean Parker Laryngologists Present on Artificial Intelligence, Vocal Injury and Return to Performance After Hemorrhage at American Laryngological Association Spring Meeting

The American Laryngological Association's Spring Meeting, held May 16-18 in Chicago, saw research teams from the Sean Parker Institute for the Voice present several papers on developing topics in the use of artificial intelligence in the field. These included investigations on the adaptation of speech recognition systems to better understand deaf & hard of hearing speech, AI recognition of vocal fold pathologies on examination, and the development of a model to screen for health conditions using voice alone. The leader of the Sean Parker Institute's effort in AI, Anais Rameau, MD MPhil also moderated a panel on the topic of artifical intelligence. Sean Parker Fellow Christine Clark presented on difference between unilateral and bilateral vocal fold pseudocysts, lesions resulting from the physicial stresses on the vocal folds from voice use. Her investigation showed that both lesions resulted from imperfect glottic closure, although the closure was impaired by nerve damage in the case of unilateral lesions, but the result of normal female laryngeal anatomy in bilateral lesions. Another investigation documented patients' overwhelmingly successful return to performance after vocal fold hemorrhage. 

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