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Sean Parker Institute Project Selected for Health Innovation Hackathon

Institute laryngologist Anaïs Rameau is among a select group of clinicians who successful submitted a challenge idea for the Hackathon. She will join a multidisciplinary team to design an EMG-based wearable device for silent communication via cellphones for patients with limited ability to phonate. A hackathon is a sprint-like event in which teams of diverse expertise are formed and concentrate to tackle specific challenges within a limited time frame. The Health Innovation Hackathon will last approximately 48hrs.

It is a goal of the Institute to be at forefront of technological innovation at Weill Cornell. The alliance of technology and medicine has accelerated over the recent years, allowing for rapid delivery of cutting edge diagnostics and treatment from the bench to the bedside. Sean Parker clinicians are actively partnering in multidisciplinary research at Weill Cornell to bring the talent of basic scientists, computer and biological engineers and designers to develop new solutions for our patients.

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