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The Sean Parker Institute Graduates Its First Fellow in Laryngology

On Friday June 17, The Sean Parker Institute graduated it first Fellow in Laryngology. Yin Yiu, MD completed her otolaryngology-head & neck surgery residency at the Ohio State University prior to training in laryngology at voice disorders jointly at Weill Cornell's Sean Parker Institute for the Voice and the Columbia University Voice & Swallowing Institute. She will be taking a staff position in the Department of Otolaryngology at Houston Methodist Hospital, and academic affiliate of Weill Cornell Medical College. 

Training talented clinicians and medical scholars is the Institute’s investment in the future of laryngology and voice care, and integral to its mission. The Sean Parker Institute offers two training programs. The NYP/Columbia-Cornell Fellowship is comprehensive one-year fellowship offered by The Sean Parker Institute for the Voice in partnership with the Voice & Swallowing Institute at Columbia University College of Physicians & SurgeonsThe Sean Parker Fellowship is a two-year program which combines comprehensive clinical training with a structured program leading to a Masters of Science in Clinical & Translational Investigation. The position aims to strengthen research-based progress in laryngology by training clinician investigators well-suited to advance patient care. 

Yin Yiu, MD


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