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Sean Parker Institute Director Co-edits Spanish Language Laryngology Textbook

A new spanish language textbook of laryngology featuring contributors from both North and South America has been edited by Lucian Sulica, MD, Director of the Sean Parker Institute and Masao Kume, MD, President of the Mexican Society of Laryngology and Phonosurgery as well as the Mexican Voice Foundation. Patología Laríngea y Fonocirugía (Springer Nature) is the first volume to present a complete treatment of laryngeal medicine and surgery from authors from the spanish-, portuguese- and english-speaking countries of the Americas to a hispanophone audience, and features 81 contributors, including most leaders of the field in their respective countries, and nearly 700 pages of content. "This book contains an unprecedented breadth of expertise and excellence, but reflects a shared purpose," explains Dr. Sulica, "It represents an effort to transcend national perspectives and dogmas and bring us all into a shared dialogue in order to advance the care of patients with laryngeal disorders everywhere." It is Dr. Sulica's third book in the field, following Vocal Fold Paralysis (Springer) and Classics in Voice and Laryngology (Plural Publishing).

Patología Laríngea y Fonocirugía


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