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Parker Institute Staff Discuss Recovery from Vocal Fold Paralysis, Vocal Injury in Fitness Instructors and Office Laryngeal Procedures at the Fall Voice Conference in Seattle

Institute director Dr. Lucian Sulica reviewed the Institute's work on spontaneous recovery in vocal fold paralysis and chaired a panel on the evolution of office laryngeal procedures in the last two decades, and voice pathologist Christine Estes discussed the Institute's experienc eof treating vocal injury in fitness instructors at this years Fall Voice Conference in Seattle, Washington. 

Institute research shows the rcovery from vocal fold paralysis to be a process that evolves over about a year. More cases tend to recover earlier than later in that itme frame, which is important for patient counseling, as well as in evaluating other studies that make claims to improve outcomes, but which do not control for the duration of the paralysis in their patients. 

Fitness instructors have emerged as a distinct profession at risk for vocal fold injury because of extensive vocal demand and often challenging work environments. They are prone to a specific series of overuse injuries. Christine Estes discussed mitigation strategies in the workplace as well as treatment and rehabilitation based on the experience at the Institute. 

A panel chaired by Dr. Sulica reviewed the evolution of office procedures over the past two decades. This major evolution in the treatment of voice disorders, in which the Institute has had a foundational role, has changed the treatment of many benign lesions as well as vocal fold paresis and paralysis.

The annual Fall Voice conference is the largest meeting of voice and laryngeal specialists in the United States, and takes place annually in different locations.


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