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Lucian Sulica, MD is Keynote Speaker at British Laryngological Association's Cutting Edge Laryngology 2019, Edinburgh

Sean Parker Institute Director Lucian Sulica, MD gave the Keynote Address at the 2019 edition of Cutting Edge Laryngology, the British Laryngological Association's biennial meeting for innovations in laryngology. He summarized recent insights into the pathophysiology of vocal fold paralysis, emphasizing recently elucidated notions of graded neuropathy which have led to an increased appreciation of the clinical important of vocal fold paresis, or partial paralysis. He discussed challenges in its diangosis, as well as in understanding when it is present but not necessarily responsible for the patient's symptoms. A second address concerned vocal fold injection augmentation in the awake patient, a procedure whose increasing use has been instrumental in understanding laryngeal neuropathy, as well as in offering efficient treatment of glottic insufficiency. 

Lucian Sulica, MD addresses the British Laryngological Association in Edinburgh

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